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SINGLE SHOT Eau de Parfum /

Yuzu • Sea Breeze • Gin • Ice and Salt • Pineapple • Eucalyptus • Sandalwood


"I want to pay homage to the power of nature and the ocean. The rhythm of the waves, high tide and low tide, and the mystery of human minds." -Gatsby


The refreshing and clean fragrance is perfect for a warm and humid season, or whenever you desire a water-free cold shower.


SINGLE SHOT was inspired by enjoying a refreshing cocktail on a beach walk on a summer day. When you sip your cooling drink the sea foam and waves lap at your feet. The clean and slightly salty sea breeze opens with cooling Yuzu and Eucalyptus notes. Tropical fruity notes from Pineapple, Watermelon, and Coconut follow after the opening. This delicious glass of SINGLE SHOT ends with creamy Sandalwood. I smelled a nuance of ocean breeze and my fruity drink. The tartness and freshness of the yuzu rind and cooling gin with some cucumber slices are in the drink.


Whenever you are anywhere that you would love to have a glass of refreshment, SINGLE SHOT is your best companion. Would you like a glass of the SINGLE SHOT?


SINGLE SHOT is a perfect fresh scent for anyone looking for everyday wear or wanting a quick refresher before a night out.

SINGLE SHOT Eau de Parfum 10mL

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