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What is
Nose of Gatsby?

Nose of Gatsby is a Seattle-based perfumery founded by Gatsby Yeh. Gatsby is a self-taught perfumer who focuses on creating scents that embody imaginary worlds, memories, and rich stories.

We make things smell unconventionally fabulous.

Every bottle of the fragrance from Nose of Gatsby is made meticulously with the finest ingredients and love.

At Nose of Gatsby, we believe scent is a piece of wearable art and an invisible garment. 

Bottled by hand, one bottle at a time.

Let the fragrances take you to travel. 

About Gatsby Yeh.

Hello there, I am a self-thought perfumer based in Seattle. Music, art, good design, and all sorts of wonderful things, are my inspirations for fragrances. I craft perfume as the platform to share my vision of modern perfumery. Creating scents based on the abovementioned amazing things and with my rich background and life experiences.

Fragrances are wearable art pieces that we all use in our lives. All the Nose of Gatsby scents are created and bottled with the finest ingredients and love. All products are handmade, and based in Seattle.

What is Nose of Gatsby? There are a lot of great perfumers who use their imagination and creativity to turn a story into a scent. The word "nose" in the perfume industry, is used to describe perfumers.

Why Nose of Gatsby? In the world, many perfumes are soulless, and some just want to please everyone (which is impossible.) I want to create something unique, brave, and deep and have stories to tell.

If you read here, as I can tell, you love to read, and so do I. You will find a small whisper from us in each package. 

Life is a wonderful playground. Allow yourself to smell good and feel good. Be kind and be true to yourself (and others.)

-Gatsby Yeh 

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