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Key Notes: Rose, Rose Prick, Myrrh, Geranium, Memory, Silent Moments


"Roses not only are beautiful but also vicious, and I love it." - Gatsby Yeh


SENTIMENTAL was inspired by the feeling of being sentimental and the mixed emotions associated with it. It starts with bold and sophisticated notes of green spicy accords, and quickly transitions to a soft and clean aroma in the dry down. SENTIMENTAL smells like fresh-cut grass and soft and sharp floral with a touch of sentimental feelings. It suits anyone who enjoys unconventional rose fragrances, gardeners, or anyone who wants to have a rose garden in their apartments. 


"I don't know why but when I smelled this it literally made me start to tear up. " from a customer. (*the tear was from the memory not from the allergy.)

SENTIMENTAL Eau de Parfum 2mL

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