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DEEP FOREST - Room diffuser set -

Key notes/ Cedar. Pine Needle. Frankincense


The Deep Forest Flame Free Room Diffuser Set includes a jar of volcano stones and 15mL Deep Forest Room Diffuser oil.
Deep Forest is inspired by camping in the woods, and after waking up early, taking the first deep breath of the fresh natural air. The scent also reminds me of the holiday season and people decorating trees and lights. The mixture of alpine Cedar and Pine Needle scent is extraordinary and relaxing.
Deep Forest 15mL diffuser oil. Drop 3-5 drops onto the volcano stones every 2 - 3 weeks or whenever needed.


*We DO NOT recommend using the Diffuser Oil on any water-based or heat-based diffusers or humidifiers.

DEEP FOREST Flame Free Room Diffuser Set

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