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BURNING PIANO Eau de Parfum/

Key notes: Burned Maplewood, Leather, Sandalwood, Copper Strains, Iris, Rose


BURNING PIANO was inspired by the artist's dream. It smells bold, artistic, earthy, leathery, and smokey. BURNING PIANO embodies bravery and a touch of vulnerability. It is strong but sensitive. It suits anyone who enjoys warm fragrances, travelers, and modern city walkers. 


Sometime in the past, an old piano and its pianist were at the end of their lives. This talented, mature but not known pianist decided to play the last song on the piano. At the end of the song, the pianist's dream and the piano ended in the flame. In the blaze, copper strains, maple wood, sweat and tears, ambition, and dreams have all vanished from the world.



The last song was Étude Op. 10, No. 3 by Chopin.

BURNING PIANO Eau de Parfum 2mL

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