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BESPOKE / Extrait de Parfum

Key notes/ Lavender, Sandalwood, Bergamot, Linen and Fabric, Oxygen, Steam


"After I started wearing this, I received so many compliments from people" - from local customers.


BESPOKE was Inspired by an imaginary famous tailor shop in the '70s in New York City.

It is a modern take on classic cologne elements. My goal was to make it contemporary, unisex, sophisticated, yet simple and clean. BESPOKE is suitable for anyone seeking a clean fresh personal fragrance. BESPOKE starts with a clean lavender and bright bergamot, and quickly the linen and fabric which smells like unwrapping new garments, show up, in the dry down you will smell soft and clean sandalwood. BESPOKE is wonderful for city walkers, and anyone who is in and out of concrete jungles on a day-to-day basis.


This liquid salve is an oil-based perfume containing plant-based oils with your favorite Nose of Gatsby scent. This liquid salve can not only lift your spirits. It also can nourish your hair and dry body. It is perfect to use as a cuticle oil and use it as a liquid ointment for your body. The combination of Safflower oil and Jojoba oil takes care of flaky body skin, providing five different types of essential fatty acids and smells wonderful. Roll in between your fingers and gently apply through your hair to nurture your hair and mood. Take it with you on your flight.


Please store it in a cool place. Best in between 55 °F to 86 °F. This liquid salve may temporarily solidify when the environment temperature is below 55 °F. If solids accrue, hold the bottle in your hand like holding your loved ones for a few minutes, and shake it very gently. It will become liquid again. Due to the nature of the ingredients, cloudiness or air bubbles may be observed.


*Do not apply it on the eye area, eyes, lips, and especially open wounds. Do not ingest. Use it externally only.

BESPOKE Liquid Salve / Extrait de Parfum 9mL

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